Bells Corners Family Dentistry is pleased to offer Teledentistry to all new and existing patients. Teledentistry is the new safe way to interact with a licensed Ontario dentist to help deal with a dental emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As per the RCDSO, “Emergency and urgent care include the assessment and triage of patients’ oral health care needs and the determination of next steps.” We understand a full emergency examination will not be possible using teledentistry alone. Local in-person emergency appointments can immediately be arranged if required.


Teledentistry also enables the remote provision of “non-essential” care to patients while ensuring ongoing physical distancing.


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Your privacy is important to us. We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing your personal information responsibly.


In this virtual consultation, Bells Corners Family Dentistry acts as the privacy information office. All staff members who come in contact with your personal information are aware of the sensitive nature of information that you have disclosed to us. They are all trained in the appropriate uses and protection of your personal information


Privacy, Terms and Conditions for use, and Informed Consent


  • As per the RCDSO guidelines, we can assure you we are using technology that has privacy and security settings in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.
  • Only the intended patient has access to the appointment, and where personal health information is stored and/or transmitted, strong encryption is used.
  • We are conducting the teledentistry appointment in a private environment that will ensure patient information is not overheard or seen by other individuals.
  • The patient confirms that they are in a private setting and that the technology they are using is secure.
  • Teledentistry appointments are conducted by licensed Ontario dentists (located in Ontario) and are available for patients that reside in Ontario only. The patient confirms they are a resident of Ontario.
  • Teledentistry is used to assist with the provision of emergency care - specifically, to assess and triage patients’ oral health care needs and to determine next steps.
  • A full emergency examination will not be possible using teledentistry alone.
  • In those few cases where telephone or virtual/remote management is insufficient, live/in-person clinical assessment may be necessary; in those cases, patients will be referred to the RCDSO list of offices that remain open for emergencies.
  • Patients will be asked to confirm their identity, and the teledentistry dentist will provide the patient with proof of their identity and licensure status.
  • Patients will be asked about their medical history, their chief complaint, history of the present condition, any allergies before next steps can be recommended. These steps may include one or more of the following:
  • advice and appropriate pharmacotherapy (if indicated);
  • requesting the patient to visit the practice for an in-person clinical examination or treatment appointment;
  • facilitating a patient referral to an emergency office listed on the RCDSO’s website,
  • facilitating a patient referral to allied health care providers for care needs that are outside the scope of dentistry, or;
  • facilitating a patient referral to hospital for extreme emergency cases that cannot be managed in the dental office
  • In order to prescribe medication for a new patient, technology with both audio-video capacities will be required to allow for an adequate assessment prior to prescribing medication.
  • The teledentistry dentist will ensure appropriate records of the teledentistry appointment are made.
  • Prior to a teledentistry appointment, a member of our dental team will contact the patient by telephone, to determine their appropriateness for a teledentistry appointment. This is to maintain compliance with the recent directives from the RCDSO, and Ontario Minister of Health, that only true emergencies be treated in Ontario dental offices during the COVID-19 Pandemic. If determined to be appropriate, a teledentistry appointment will be made with a licensed Ontario Dentist. This appointment is scheduled and time is set aside for it by the dentist. Much like any other in-office appointment, a fee for this service, in accordance with the ODA (Ontario Dental Association) fee guide will be charged at the completion of the appointment. The current recommended fee is $76.00. Some insurance companies will cover this fee for their clients.

By clicking on “I agree to the privacy policy” button, the patient agrees and consents to all of the terms and conditions listed above.

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