Emergency Dentist in Nepean

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort inside your mouth or radiating from your jawbone? If so, you could be experiencing a dental emergency and may require emergency dental in Nepean. When pain strikes suddenly and without a cause it can cause more than discomfort, it can cause worry as well. Not knowing whether to go straight to the emergency room or your local hospital or wait for an appointment with your dentist can be a challenge to decide.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

The information below can shed some light on what to consider an emergency and what can wait for your next dental appointment:

  • Fractured jaw: contact us or go to a hospital emergency room immediately!
  • Tooth knocked out: see us within 30 minutes.
  • Broken, chipped or loosened tooth: call us for an appointment, even if you are not in pain.
  • Abscess or toothache: see us as soon as possible.
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